Hops Harvest

Hops Harvest for cascade and nugget 

We had walls of hops this year its wild how well they grow.


We harvested them a week ago and sold them all.


We have great quality Cascade and Nugget with some Sterling and Heirloom hops from original Squamish Valley groves


Big Thanks to the HOOH Harvesters Of Organic Hops.

Fall Rye

It is time to plant fall rye. The last years rye makes really good bread. Rye keeps the weeds down and looks good.


July 2015 picture of rye with hops growing on vines in the background. When its ready the rye starts to fall over at the top.

Sacha gathers the sheaths of rye from the field. Its fun in the sun.

Sacha gathers the sheaths of rye from the field. Its fun in the sun.

Then its time to pick it. The nice thing about this is its great for making bread. Also it makes a good bed for the ducks.


Fresh sourdough rye with a little help from our friends.


Squamish Farmers Market

We had our table at the Squamish Farmers Market this week. Its Fall


We have some great food sustainably grown local produce from the Squamish Valley Farm.

  • Pumpkins
  • Cool Carrots
  • Potatoes varieties
  • Krazy Kale and salad greens
  • pumpkins.


Its been quite an adventure, lots of learning, great food and new experiences.

The ducks have actually started laying eggs and the bees seem to be doing fine.



Brackendale 2014 Fall Fair

This year we entered some Magic Beans and a couple of Ducks in the Brackendale 2014 Fall Fair.


We got first place for the beans an ducks and its just great to participate.Thanks to everyone who has helped out on the Squamish Valley Farm this year.


A selection of tomatoes. 6 different Heirloom tomatoes. and Super Yummy Chocolate hip cookies Sacha and Micah also baked for second place.




Duck Days Out

For the past few months we’ve been raising free range ducks. IMG_2733

They are swimming in the pond and generally making a mess not so good at weeding but they do like slugs.


They are silly and lots of fun. Now they are prizing winning. Its great because we all put a lot of effort into raising the them and its nice to place them.


The ducks Valentine and David O. won first prize at the Brackendale fall fair.

Good job!






Field Days

IMG_2370Spring is here and its time to plant. A great day hanging out in the afternoon sun and we’re digging it. Planting potatoes and taking out the weeds, hanging out with family and having fun.

Just imagine what we can do next.


Winter Wonderland

IMG_2128The trees are beautiful sunshine in the snow. Ice crystals floating lazily through the air. great snow for making igloos and snow angels, towers and playing for fun.


We love it here its so nice to be outside even when its cold the winter air is so fresh.

Thanksgiving Fall is Fair

Its time to harvest and be grateful. Some of the vegetables and art we grew at the farm won prizes at the 2013 Brackendale Fall Fair.


First Prize Zuccini


2nd place for Beets


1st prize cucumber


first place art for one of the bolt bugs Princess Elloise..

This is a great opportunity to say thank you for all your love and support from family and friends for which we are eternally grateful. And Yes with a little (lot) of work dreams do come true.