We are growing Hops in the Upper Squamish Valley this year 2014

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That’s right here right now September 2014. We have Cascade, Nugget,¬†Willamette and Sterling varieties available this year and for next year 2015.


Willamette Hops was named after the mighty river that pours through the Willamette Valley in Southern Washington and Northern Oregon.Willamette Hops is an aroma variety with a low alpha acid content at 4.0%-6.0%.This results in a delicate peppery herbaceous spice that has both fruit and floral essence. yum.


Cascade Hops aroma and flavor is best summed up, as simply, American Pale Ale. The aroma of Cascade also comes with citrus, sometimes compared to grapefruit. This no doubt comes from the higher levels of myrcene. Farnesene also registers fairly high in Cascade, which is used in the perfume and food industry.

Hops For Sale

Anyone who wants to buy our hops please free to contact us directly.

Call Davin at 604 907 2077 or email davin@basewireless.com


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