Full Fall Flavour

What a great time right now. All the vegetables and greens are ready and its nice to celebrate lots of hard work and enjoy some delicious food.

This year we’ve got lots of kale, carrots and beans. Eggs of course, and several different types of squashes and pumpkins.

This post is a different style of vegetables instead of a Thanksgiving roast we are making Fall Fried Rice.

Pumpkin and the Bean Stalks

Its a beautiful summer and the garden beds are really growing for it.
The beans are reaching for the sky, bringing tomatoes and pumpkins up the vines. Its really neat to see them intertwined and together reaching higher than the posts.

The tomatoes, beans and pumpkins are reaching for the sky

The Kale is growing great in all the beds and wild in the fields.

Second generation beans that grow and multiply reaching toward the sky!

Perhaps these beans are well trained.