Plum Dried Sweet and Sour

Our awesome neighbour Leslie gave us a bucket of plums a couple days ago. So we tried to eat as many as we could, I considered making jam and I gave away a lot but decided the best way to do this is to dehydrate and save them for yummy treats later. Sweet and sour dried plums. Yum!

Golden Plums

What you need

  • Dehydrator
  • Fresh water
  • Lemon juice
  • Bucket of fresh plums
  • Knife


  • Wash the plums split them and remove the pits
    put them in trays for the dehydrator skin down
Plums spaced out in the dehydrator skin down
  • spray with lemon juice water half mix to stop browning
  • set dehydrator for 135 degrees F
  • Run for 10 hours rotate trays
  • Run another 10 hours to dry completely

Finished plums are sweet and sour, almost like some sour sugar candies you can find in the store but these are 100% organic and tastes amazing.