Kitchen Recipes

So its improved a little bit from the year before.


Every farm needs a kitchen, a place to cook all the yummy food we just grew. Have a look at some of these yummy recipes.

October 2013 Its still under construction
We also have a place to do I am cooking on a camp stove.


October 2014  – Now I have a kitchen

Complete with a stove and dishwasher! Each are actually quite useful and a fair bit of work to install properly.


The best bit about having a kitchen is cooking.







Rainforest Kitchen door

Rainforest Kitchen door

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Hops Harvest

Hops Harvest for cascade and nugget 

We had walls of hops this year its wild how well they grow.


We harvested them a week ago and sold them all.


We have great quality Cascade and Nugget with some Sterling and Heirloom hops from original Squamish Valley groves


Big Thanks to the HOOH Harvesters Of Organic Hops.

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